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Ethiopia Protests Prompts Government Shutdown Internet

Elias Tesfaye



Ethiopian Protesters

The mounting tension in Ethiopia following deadly protests has prompted the government to close down the use of Internet. The government has accused activist groups in Diaspora of using social media in calling people to protest. However, the government did not give a comprehensive reason for its action.

Recently, more than 50 people died in a protest that ensued in a religious festival event held in Oromia. According to opposition groups in Ethiopia, the security forces opened fire to protesters killing a big number.

Others died as a result of stampede after being trampled down by others. The Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, defended the security forces insisting the death toll was as a result of the stampede.

Protests persist

A reliable source has said that the protests seem to persist in spite of the government restraint efforts. The recent protests have taken place at the outskirts of Addis Ababa city. Alem Gena and Sebeta have been a no go zone with heavy security personnel patrolling the areas. Roads had been blocked by protesters who had torched a truck paralyzing transportation of people and goods.

The anti-government protests started on November 2015 following a government plan to expand the Oromia region. Instead, the residents resisted accusing the government for lack of prior compensation. The recent protests have now been witnessed in Amhara region and in Diaspora.

Over 500 dead

A human rights watch group, said the protests have resulted to death of over 500 people. The recent death toll is controversial after the government reported 55 dead while the activist groups report a hundred people.

The recent death case has been that of University of California Davis postdoctoral student who was killed by protesters.  The human rights watch has also accused the Human Rights Council for lack of addressing the matter.


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