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Renovation of Historical Monuments Underway in Addis Ababa

Mohammed Taha



Addis Ababa

The Administration, Culture and Tourism Bureau (AACTB) in Addis Ababa is set to renovate several monuments mounted at the heart of the city. The most prominent and planned to be renovated soon are the Menelik II and Sebastopol which will cost over 30 million birr.

Competent contractor

A reliable source reveals that the monuments will be painted, cracks filled and dust cleared. In the meantime, the authorities are in the process of looking for a competent contractor. According to Public Relations head of AACTB, Worku Mengesha, the authorities value the historical monuments and old buildings. Such work, he said, cannot be taken for granted and thus they are yet to issue a tender notice to contractors.

In addition, some homes belonging to Sheikh Bitweded Haile Giyorgis, Bitweded Wolde-Tsadik Goshu and Gojelle have also been earmarked for renovation. Mengesha insisted that the homes will soon look the way they used to in those years. This will be done by going for the original materials used at the time of construction. The authorities will also monitor the contractors to ensure they maintain the original design and value.

Menelik II erected in 1930

The Menelik II statue, which was erected in 1930, shows emperor sited on a horse just as it was his culture. The monument commemorates the battle of Adawa which took place between the Ethiopian Empire and Italy in 1930. The Ethiopian Empire ended up winning the battle against Italy prompting humongous celebrations across the country. This is the second time the monument will be renovated.

Mortar weighed 6.7 tons

On the other hand, Sebastopol was an artillery mortar custom-made by the Tewodros II, the Ethiopian Emperor. The mortar weighed about 6.7 tons and could fire more than half-ton of artillery rounds. Sebastopol was a name derived from the Crimean town Sevastopol.

Mohammed Taha is a Senior Associate at A graduate of Mass Communication, Chidumga loves reading, writing and presenting.


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