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2016 Berlin Marathon: Kenenisa Bekele on the Oromo protests

Nura Imam



Kenenisa Bekele

Kenenisa on Feyisa’s protest: ‘sport and politics are different.’

One of Ethiopia’s long distance running greats, Kenenisa Bekele, told the Running Magazine that he believes sport and politics are distinct and shouldn’t be mixed.

He made the remarks when he was asked by the Magazine about the recent Oromo finish line protests and the intersection of politics and sport. Kenenisa, who is preparing for the Berlin Marathon that will be held later today, said he believes the Ethiopian government is currently trying to solve the problem at home.

sport and politics are different.

2016 Berlin Marathon: Kenenisa Bekele on the Oromo protests

He also added that he hasn’t faced any discrimination during the selection process for the Rio Olympic Games just because he is an Oromo.

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