End Violence! Demands Ethiopian Human Rights Commission

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission

Ethiopian human rights commission through the Human Rights Council HRCO has urged the government to stop violence against its citizenry.  HRCO, in a report released to media houses on September 1st this year, has cited use of excessive force by security agencies against the demonstrators.

The demonstrations witnessed in North Gondar are as a result of poor administration and violations of human rights in Amhara region. The displeasure in Amhara Region follows people’s rejection of government plan to expand the city in Oromia region.

50 demonstrators dead

Anti-Government protest took place in Bahir Dar on August 6 and 7 which has resulted to the loss of 50 people. According to residents, the killings started at the part of the city called Abay Mado. The protesters threw an object towards the ruling party’s Martyr Building, to express their opposition. The ruling party’s veteran guard on the entrance instantly fired on protesters automatic machine gun and killed 6 people. After that, the peaceful demonstration changed into violence thus upsetting the Ethiopian human rights commission.

Teklebirhan’s residence set on fire

The former House Speaker, Kassa Teklebirhan’s residence was set on fire. He is the only official who criticized demonstrators for targeting Tigrians in Gondar City on July 15, 2016. His Agaw identity is also another cause for being the target. A source wants to remain in anonymous told a wlka informant that Kassa’s residence was burnt down by his party members who oppose him not by the crowd. In related news, the demonstrators in Gondar set fire on the ruling ANDM office.

The Right Wing ruling party members in ANDM called African Neo-Nazis and used the occasion for inciting against other ethnic groups. The incitation was particularly against Tigrians and their properties. After killing, several ANDM ruling party’s companies including Abay Bank also ransack. Oromia Bank located downtown was targeted by the protesters. ESAT, media in Diaspora has been disseminating inaccurate information. ESAT reported the Bahir Dar protesters were killed by the Agazi, Tigrian Special Force, without reporting the start of killings by the local veteran as mentioned above.

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